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Foot-In-Mouth Disease: Lance Stephenson regrets trash-talking LeBron

Foot-In-Mouth Disease: Lance Stephenson regrets trash-talking LeBron

Trash talking is a part of any pro-sports game. It just goes hand-in-hand with the intensity of any contact sport. Let’s face it, there’s enough ego to go around in the NBA among players, so we expect trash talking. We also expect the players to back it up. For Lance Stephenson, his trash talking about LeBron seems to have been a misstep. A classic case of foot-in-mouth disease. Now, after three back-to-back-to-back losses, he regrets what he said.

“I think this stuff bothered us a little bit,” the Pacers’ fourth-year guard admitted after shoot-around at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, referring to his poking-of-the-bear comments directed towards LeBron James prior to Game 4 of these Eastern Conference finals.


“It’s part of the game,” Stephenson said. “I think I said some things that shouldn’t have been said. Also Paul (George). We just gotta play basketball and stop worrying about all the other stuff.”

In the locker room after Game 4, Stephenson said he had no regret about his comments.

“I can take the heat,” he said.

We’ll shall certainly see. Game five is Wednesday night at 8:30pm and the Pacers should let their game do the talking.

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