We’re never really surprised at the lengths some sports fans will go to show love for their favorite team or players. Some, however, go the extra mile. JD Baker is one of them. The Oklahoma native is all about football. Specifically, he loves Ray Lewis. In fact, he loves Ray Lewis so much that he had a huge tattoo of Ray Lewis placed on his calf. He tweeted his latest artwork:

tfallday15 killed this one yesterday … Prime time is next stay tuned..#52    http://instagr.am/p/WzB-c3q_oz/

Wow! It seems Deion “Prime Time” Sanders is up next! Guess who else he wants:

@LBSports drew brees for sure then depending on how much room is left maybe a running back not real sure yet though!

It should be interesting to see. Talk about “fanatic!”
Your Jersey Girlfriend,
~Angela Davis