Every year, there is a group of women, young and old, of all ethnicities and economic backgrounds that are sitting at home waiting… anxiously…not for the Barney’s Annual Sale or for her husband to finally take out the trash without being asked to, but for those six favorite words…

Are You Ready For Some Football?

That’s right, as hard as it is for some to believe (these “some” are mostly men…just wanted to make sure I pointed that out) women are having a love affair with the game of football. With over 45 million women watching NFL games each week, the NFL is the favorite among women.

Now with anything there are those that are addicted when it comes to the sport of football. Let’s take me for example, I wake-up to the NFL Network, I go to bed to it, but most importantly I also know what I’m talking about, and I talk major *ish about my favorite team or player. Then there are those of you who watch the game in passing. You know a couple of terms, you’re up on the basic knowledge, and you do know how to sit down and enjoy a good game. Then there are those of you have no idea what the hell is going on. You think that ‘ man in motion’ is a term coined from the hit show Cops, referring to a criminal on the run, but you do take a small interest in the game for some reason or another(my guess it’s for the hot men).

Well to help out all of my sisters, young and old, near and far, I have compiled the top 15 things that every woman should know going into this NFL season. Now ladies…after you read this you might want to pass this on to the man in your life, because contrary to what they believe…they DON’T know everything!

1. Let’s just start with the best first! The hottest website for all things football for women is www.jerseygirlsports.com . I know that it may seem that I’m a little bias but Jersey Girl Sports is tops when it comes informing, educating and entertaining women on football. Jersey Girl is a feminine yet sporty experience that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. This sexy, sassy, informative site gives women sports news, scores, updates, Hotties, apparel, recipes, and so much more. All the things that no Jersey Girl should be without! As the definition reads, a Jersey Girl is a woman who likes sports; a woman who embraces sports as a part of her lifestyle; the successful woman at the end of the bar who enjoys sports as much as any man, just with better shoes.

2. Pastures are Greener in Green Bay. I can honestly say that I have never been much of a Packers’ fan, but I was super excited to witness the win over the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. With majority of the team returning, and the taste of victory still fresh, many say that Packers have a good chance to return to the big dance on February 5th in Indianapolis. We’ll see…I’m not going to say that it’s not going to happen, but what I will say is enjoy this moment. Make sure you watch the Packers in the battle of the Super Bowl Champs when they take on the 2010 Super Bowl Champs, the New Orleans Saints, on Thursday, September 8th at 8:30pm EST on NBC.

3. Fantasy Football Can Be Your Friend. Did you know that over the last 5 years, women playing Fantasy Football has increased by 300%? Ladies this is great way to learn the game and have a little friendly competition among your girlfriends or even your guy friends . Now, don’t be afraid to join a men’s league or create a co-ed league of your own. Honestly I believe this is a fabulous way to stay engaged in the game week after week, and it will surely increase your knowledge. Some sites that offer play are NFL.com (my personal favorite), ESPN, or Yahoo to sign-up to play. This year Jersey Girl Sports has its own league and the winner will receive a pair tickets to an NFL game in their hometown during the 2012-13 season.

4. No Relationship Talk on Sundays or Monday Night…EVER! Now I love to discuss and explore my relationship with my man as much as the next women, but let’s be real on football Sundays or during Monday Night Football, there is nothing that is so deeply and profound that you can’t wait to profess 48 hours later. UNDERSTOOD!

5. The Hotties! I have to admit some of the finest men on the planet play in the NFL. Where else can you find hundreds of hot, sweaty, sexy, fit men in one place? No where. Now if you don’t believe me let me give you a couple of examples…Terrell Owens, Tony Gonzalez (who I will talk about later), Jason Taylor, Mark Sanchez and my personal favorite, Osi Umenyiora…that’s one hot, hot, hot, hottie. All I have to say is ‘everyday and twice on Sunday’!

6. You Need a JGF. A Jersey Girlfriend (JGF) is that one friend or a group of girlfriends that are ensured to make the season fun and exciting. You can talk with your JGF about anything from who scored the winning touchdown, to the BS call that ref makes, to dishing about your latest guy during halftime. She is truly your go-to girl when it comes to all things sports.

7. The Ultimate Leader. No I’m not talking President Obama, but I am talking about the highest ranking man in the National Football League, Rodger Goodell. I understand that I may get some flak for this one especially since the league was in a lockout for over 180 days. It’s hard to remember all of the coaches, but this is the one name that should be top of mind. This no-nonsense, ass-kickin’, suspension-happy, fine-giving Commissioner started off as an intern and is now more feared in the NFL than the 360 lb. defensive back. I just have one question for Commissioner Goodell, where does all that fine money go? Just wondering.

8. Fox Pre-Game Show. By far the best way to get your game day started on a Sunday morning. The hilarious rants and in-depth information from Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan and Jimmy Johnson is enough to get any day started off right. The skits of Frank Caliendo are the best, and if you haven’t seen the Shaq and Charles Barkley skit from last year, please YouTube it…it’s so funny. The Fox Pre-Game kicks-off every Sunday morning at 12pm EST on Fox.

9. You don’t have to wear your boyfriend’s tired jersey anymore. Just like any other time you leave the house, what you have on is very important, so let me give you my two favorite options when it comes to sexy attire for your game day out or in the comfort of your home. The first is the Touch line by Alyssa Milano. This fun and flirty line by Milano has jerseys, shirts, jackets, hats, even jeans that help you to keep it sexy as well as rep your favorite team. You can find all of those items atNFLshop.com. My second favorite is the Victoria’s Secret Pink NFL line, now tell me what man wouldn’t want their lady coming to bed or lounging around the house sporting their favorite NFL team. They started off with a limited list of teams, so go to victoriassecret.com to see if they have your favorite team.

10. Greatest book on Football 101 for women. Ok if you are looking for a book for yourself or a fabulous gift idea for your JGF then Holly Robinson Peete’s book, Get Your Own Damn Beer, I’m Watching the Game! Should be at the top of your list. This feminine, funny, quirky book educates you about EVERYTHING football. In addition to the basic sports lingo, positions, plays, etc., the book gives you NFL history and several clever lists of anything from football movies to the best looking butts in the NFL. Seriously, Peete puts things in perspective and gives an honest look at football…the way that women want it.

11. Wagers & Bets during the season can be a lot of fun. Ladies, we’re always trying to think of ways to keep the spice in our relationships, so why not add a little sports to that spice. The next time a great game comes on, or it’s your favorite team versus his favorite team why not add a fun little wager to that. For example, if you lose you serve him breakfast in bed for a week, or if he loses he has to accompany you to the opening night of a ballet you have been dying to see. Now ladies if you do lose, and some of you will, don’t be a sore loser, it’s all in fun and if you really know what you’re doing you can use your lost to your advantage, if you know what I mean. Remember make it fun, make it sexy, but the sky is truly the limit!

12. Tony Gonzalez has the Tightest End in the Game. I know that I have already talked about the hotties, but I wanted to bring to your attention the tightest end in the NFL, Tight End Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons. For the past 14 seasons, whether it was with the Chiefs or the Falcons ladies have not only watched the play making styles of Gonzalez, but have watched his ‘tight end’. There is nothing better than enjoying a good game with tight assets.

13. Encroachment. Ok this is the one word that you could use throughout the season that will help you look like a Rock Star. The official definition is when a player enters the neutral zone and makes contact with the player of the opposing team before the play begins. So a great way to use the word in a sentence during the game is after the ref calls a ‘false start’ penalty is to say, “if he had taken one or two more steps that could have easily been an encroachment penalty”. See…it’s that easy, and just watch his face.

14. Cosmo, Mojitos, and Wings…Oh MY! Now I know that your significant other may enjoy wings and beer when he and his buddies get together to watch the game, but ladies we don’t roll like that. When you and your JGFs (Jersey Girlfriends) get together to watch the game do something different, create a special menu of all the things that you like whether it’s shrimp tacos, or grilled salmon, or chicken skewers. It’s all about how you will enjoy the game. And you can’t have a great meal with good drinks, what about a cosmos, mojitos, or daiquiris. What a perfect way to spend a game day afternoon!

15. Are you ready for some Football?!?! So I have given you 14 really fun things to help you get ready for the upcoming football season, my last tip is just have FUN! Even if you don’t know a lot about the game it’s a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, have great food and get a little tipsy. The more you watch and listen the more you’ll learn. During the remaining two weeks before the season starts I will be back to give you the top 10 offensive and defensive terms that you are going to need to know before the Thursday, September 8th kick-off of the season. Have fun and I’ll see you in Dallas!

BONUS…There’s no place like Indy! That’s right Indianapolis is the home of Super Bowl XLVI and the Colts. Will Indy be another Super Bowl Winter Wonderland? I sure hope not. Each year the Super Bowl is packed with great parties, celebrity sightings, fabulous sponsors & commercials, and oh yeah the game. So if you can’t make it to Indy, be sure to have your own Super Bowl viewing party or attend one; what better time to be with your friends.

Honestly this is the greatest time on Earth, so have fun, stay tuned to Jersey Girl Sports and I’ll see you in Indy!