Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones who had a sexual relationship with one of her students while she worked as a teacher is now engaged to that student.

Jones, 28, pled guilty to  felony custodial interference and misdemeanor sexual conduct for her relationship with the then 17-year-old Cody York. As a part of a plead deal, she didn’t serve any jail time but agreed never to coach or teach again. Now, she and York, 19, are engaged. 

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jones announced her engagement on her Facebook page. The Enquirer also said that her page shows a photo of the couple kissing and Jones wearing a ring.

Personally, I’m disgusted. I know there are some who’ll argue that he was 17 at the time this happened and  he was almost an adult. Still, adults in authority or positions of power shouldn’t take advantage of children. Besides, how mature could he have possibly been. Even if he was it’s still not right.

I wonder if she’ll feel comfortable if her daughter enters into the same kind of relationship with a teacher when she’s in school.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis