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Former boxing heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison dead at 44

Former boxing heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison dead at 44

Tommy Morrison, who defeated boxing icon George Foreman in 1993 to earn the world heavyweight champion title has died at age 44. 

Morrison, who also contended with heavyweight legend Lennox Lewis died in a Nebraska hospital Sunday night, said Tony Holden, his longtime promoter and close friend. The exact cause of death is still a mystery, though it is known that Morrison tested positive for HIV in 2006. Morrison claimed the test was false. The family will not disclose the cause of death.

Morrison had a short, but full career and even starred in Rocky V alongside Sylvester Stallone. Holden believes despite Morrison’s past troubles which included a stint in prison for weapons and drunk driving and the eventual suspension of his boxing license for testing positive for HIV, Morrison would be a champion if he were fighting today:

 “If Tommy was fighting today, he no doubt would be a world champion,” Holden said. “You have to look at who he was fighting in the ’90s, the guys in that division were Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Ray Mercer, George Foreman. There’s no one with that talent today. Tommy would absolutely dominate if he were in his prime boxing today.”

That may be true. The heavyweight division of boxing is all but vacant and absent from the sport now. Morrision can rest and his family can have some peace knowing he’s listed among the champions.

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