Former Chris Bosh Girlfriend and Child’s Mother Applies for Food Stamps & Faces Foreclosure

As we learned on BBWs food stamps can be for anyone, including the mother of basketball stars' children. Allison Matthis is the former girlfriend and mother of Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh’s 3-year-old daughter, has reportedly applied to receive food stamps. After Matthis was laid off from her secretary job with a construction company, she has been forced to apply for government assistance. Also as a result of her being laid-off, the home that she shares with Bosh's daughter is dangerously near foreclosure. We hear stories all the time of athletes paying tens of thousands in child support, so where is the money that she’s receiving from Chris Bosh for child support. According to Matthis, Bosh only pays her $2,600 a month which isn’t enough to cover the mortgage. According to state guidelines, someone like Bosh whose yearly salary is in the $18 million-range should be paying about $30,000-a-month. For two years, the ball player has been battling Matthis in courts in Orange County (Florida), California and Texas on anything from child support to banning her appearance from VH-1’s Basketball Wives to how much time he spends with the child. With the latest developments, Matthis is now refusing to let their daughter accompany Bosh and his family to London for summer vacation after the NBA Finals for three weeks. As you might have read here on Jersey Girl Sports, Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, just welcomed a baby boy into the world. As this story develops we'll keep you updated. Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English

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