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Former Denver Broncos Cornerback Acquitted of Sexual Assault

At Jersey Girl Sports we like to bring you stories that make you say, “Mmmmmm”.
Earlier today a Colorado jury acquitted former Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox of sexual assault charges filed by Camille Washington.
Cox was accused of sexually assaulting Washington at his apartment in September 2010 after a night of partying. After the night’s events Washington became pregnant,
later had an abortion and then filed rape charges against Cox.
This is where the “Mmmmmmm” comes in.
After the verdict was read, Cox hugged his attorney, Harvey Steinberg, and expressed a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to those who supported him, while Washington left the courtroom saying “Oh my God, what’s happening?

Camille Washington

The prosecutors said DNA tests indicated Cox was the father, but Steinberg disputed the DNA test results and suggested they may have been contaminated. Cox denied having sex with Washington, who testified that she believed she was drugged because she remembers little about what happened.
Prosecutors never explained whether they determined if Washington had been drugged, saying that it wasn’t necessary to prove the case.
This is when the second “Mmmmmmmm” comes in.
Steinberg, however, argued that she may have been an experienced drinker, admitting on the witnesses stand to having 21 drinks on her 21st birthday, and that she was drunk at the time but able to walk and talk to people without remembering.
According to Cox’s agent Jordan Woy, he says he has spoken to several interested NFL teams. “We expect for him to move forward in his NFL career,” Woy told The Associated Press in an email. “Perrish is looking forward to focusing on his life both personally and professionally.”
I understand the question is whether or not Camille Washington was raped, but as adults we have got to start taking responsibly for our own actions. Unfortunately these are stories that we are going to continue to hear as it relates to professional athletes, where the punishment does sometimes fit the crime. I can’t say whether or not Cox or the accuser is lying, but athletes have got to understand the position that they are in as a professional athlete. You would think that they would have seen enough examples of other players who were at the top of the career and lost it all because of a woman, a friend, a confidant or a family member. It’s sad that the only time this hits home is when they either end up in court or in jail.
Your J.G.F.,
Marcelle English

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