Jersey Girl Sports fam this story is almost unbelievable. The Los Angeles County district has charged NFL analyst Darren Sharper with raping and drugging two women. He will also be arraigned on four counts of furnishing a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance. The rapes allegedly took place in Los Angeles last October and January.

According to the New Orleans Times Picayune:

L.A. prosecutors allege Sharper met two women at a West Hollywood nightclub on Oct. 30, 2013 and invited them to another party. On the way, Sharper told the women he had to stop by his hotel room to pick up something and invited both women up to his room, according to the allegations.


There, he gave each woman a shot, and both women subsequently passed out, prosecutors say. One woman told investigators she woke up naked hours later with Sharper sexually assaulting her. The second woman then woke up and “interrupted his actions,” according to prosecutors.


On Jan. 14, Sharper met two separate woman at the same West Hollywood nightclub and invited them to a party. Stopping at his hotel, he invited both up to his room, offered them a shot and each passed out, prosecutors allege.

When they woke up hours later the next day, one of the women told authorities she believed she had been sexually assaulted.

Sharper had been released on $200,000 bail, but it seems prosecutors are looking to raise his bail to $10 million because of other pending charges for alleged rapes in New Orleans, Arizona and Nevada.

Damn!!! What is going on Darren Sharper!?

I REALLY, REALLY hope this is not true. However, the pattern of allegations along with the consistent similarity in the stories of the alleged victims leave room for consideration. A 14-year NFL career highlighted by 63 receptions–the 7th most in NFL history would be a shame to waste.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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