Former NFL players, NFL reach unprecedented $765 million settlement; Did the players really win?

According to several sources, it seems former NFL players and the NFL have reached an agreement on a settlement for concussion-related lawsuits. According to the Associated Press the agreement came today:

BREAKING: US judge: NFL, players reach proposed $765M settlement of concussion-related lawsuits. 

Over 5,000 former NFL players sued the NFL for negligence in providing protection and subsequent support for concussions and concussion-related illnesses.
According to Yahoo! Sports:
U.S. district judge Anita Brown announced the settlement, which still must be approved later, Thursday in Philadelphia. She originally had planned to rule on the case in July but instead ordered the two sides into ordered mediation, which delivered this result. Among the plaintiffs include Hall of Famers such as Tony Dorsett and the family of deceased Junior Seau, who committed suicide last year.
While this can be seen as a victory for the players, it can also be considered a win for the NFL as well. This settlement means the NFL avoids a PR  nightmare by going to trial and having to prove that the violent nature of the game does not cause concussions--something I don't think they could do. In addition, because they settled, they don't have to admit or agree with the claim that made by the plaintiffs.
NFL Concussions timeline
NFL Concussions timeline
Still, they settled, but before you start clapping for the players and this settlement, don't get too excited. The $765 million averages to about $150,000/plaintiff. Go figure. I expect the NFL to somehow pass these fees onto fans. I further expect more rules to come into the game that may water-down the intense violent nature of the game. It will be interesting to hear how Goodell will respond. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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