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Former NFL player’s home trashed by teens; He now wants to help them!

Former NFL player’s home trashed by teens; He now wants to help them!

While former New England Patriots lineman Brian Holloway was vacationing in Florida over the Labor Day holiday, his vacant home in upstate New York was being trashed by over 300 teenagers. 

Yeah, really.

The rowdy bunch caused  more than $20,000 in damages due to graffiti, spray painted walls, broken windows and urine-soaked carpets. The party was broken up by police, but the damage was extensive. Holloway said that  it was so damaged that cleaners filled 10 55-gallon garbage bags with empty alcohol containers. Then, true to fashion of this generation, they posted pics in social media of the vandalism. So yeah, they are vandals and “smart” too!

This is just ridiculous! However, Holloway doesn’t want to punish them, he wants to help them! He started a website “Help Me Save 300″ which calls out the identity of some of the teens and asks for donations to help with the repairs. He’s also using this as a way for the teens to come clean about what they did because he says he wants to prevent them from going down the wrong path.

According to USA Today Sports:

The site has lead to contributions from the community, as well as the recovery of some stolen items, including a granite eagle that was the headstone from the grave of Holloway’s grandchild who died at birth. After Holloway posted a picture of a high-school student’s Twitter account that showed someone with the object, it was returned. Some of teenagers even helped Holloway clean his home this week.


Former NE Patriot Brian Holloway and the teens who came to clean his trashed home in Stephentown, NY, today.

Not all of the responses have been positive. He’s received threats after leaking some of the identity of the thieves/vandals and he had security during the clean-up efforts. 

Shout out to Holloway, who’s trying to make the best out of a bad situation and to those teens who returned what they stole. Even more admirable are those who came out to help.

For those who have the audacity to make threats, they need an ass-whoopin’!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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