Former NFL Player,Terrell Owens Shoots ‘Fix My Life’ On OWN Network

Former NFL Wide Receiver, Terrell Owens is the latest to seek the help of Iyanla Vanzant and her show Iyanla: Fix My Life on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network to help sort out the issues in his life.


The former NFL receiver said Iyanla helped him figure out “who he is.” “Been an emotional yet insightful day. After 39 yrs I’m learning who Terrell Owens really is,” Owens tweeted Thursday (Aug. 29). “All this time I thought I knew. ‪@IyanlaVanzant‬.”


With no team or known future in professional football insight, Terrell Owens is ready to figure it all out and try to put some of the pieces in his life back together. This isn't the first time that T.O. has openly talked about his missteps both personally and professionally; he has made admissions on the Dr. Phil Show and his own reality show, The T.O. Show. Just something to think about, 60 percent of NBA players, and 78 percent of NFL players go broke within five years of retirement. If this is an honest attempt at help, I applaud him; the first step is realizing there is an issue. I can't wait to see this episode. We'll keep you updated to let you know when the episode will air. Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English

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