We found out earlier this year, Warren Sapp owed more than $6.7 million in back child support, alimony, to creditors and had no other option than to file for bankruptcy.

According to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in South Florida, Sapp’s assets are worth $6.45 million which includes the following:

  • 240 pair of Jordan athletic kicks(shoes) worth $6,500
  • A watch worth $2,250
  • Lion skin rug worth $1,200 (blank stares)
So wait, you mean to tell me your shoes are worth more than a lion skin rug??? 
Sapp also reported losing his 1991 national championship ring from the University of Miami, along with his 2002 Super Bowl ring with the Bucs……–really Sapp? Given his certain situation, my guess is he sold em’. Im just saying.

Supposedly he averages about $115,881 in monthly income from various contracts with Showtime, appearances with CCA Sports, an advanced payment  for a book deal, and another contract with the NFL Network which ended in August. That means he only averages just over $1.4 million a year…

 Since then, Sapp has exited bankruptcy( only because the NFL network decided to pay off a huge chunk of his debt), but he is still being forced by a federal judge to sell many of his pricey possesions, one of them being this 15,000 sq ft Tuscan mansion which goes up for auction on November 1 at 11am.

Get there early honey!

Here’s the kicker though…the house only has FOUR BEDROOMS!


Here’s a look inside

 Dang Sapp! How you livin’ (in our Wendy Williams voice)

You mean to tell me you can only fit four bedrooms in this ridiculousy redundant house??

Along with the four bedrooms, the house features five full baths (why are there more bathrooms than bedrooms), three half baths, a wine cellar, movie theater (of course) along with a resort style pool with a waterslide…what, no waterfall? Oh but wait, there is a dock looking onto Lake Butler. Appraiser’s have valued the house at about $3.4 million even though the home was built for nearly more than $7mil. 


This is a prime example of people living outside of their means. You can buy Jordans and lion skin rugs…buuutt you can’t pay child support?

Warren, all we can say is we’re disappointed…

Your Jersey Girlfriend

Ivy K.



*Photos courtesy of The Inquisitr