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Former NY Jets cheerleader suing the team over low wages

Former NY Jets cheerleader suing the team over low wages

In yet another lawsuit over wages, a NY Jets ‘Flight Crew” cheerleader has filed a class action lawsuit suing the team over low wages. The cheerleader, identified in the lawsuit as Krystal C. says she was paid an average of $3.77 an hour for her time on the Flight Crew — or $1.50 an hour after out-of-pocket expenses. According to the NY Daily News:

“The Jets, while paying millions of dollars to its male athletes for a single season of work, have historically and currently pay less than minimum wage to its cheerleading staff,” the Bergen County, N.J. lawsuit says.

“We didn’t complain because we were always told how lucky we were to be able to perform and we were lucky,” Krystal told the Daily News. “But I didn’t think it was right to pay us so little when we all worked so hard and we were 100% there all the time.”

Her attorney, Patricia Pierce, says the pay was not fair. While Krysal C. was paid $150 per game and $100 for special appearances, she claims there were other times she worked that she was not getting paid.

“The cheerleaders are required to work ‘off the clock’ at home, attend rehearsals three days a week from May through December without pay, attend ‘charity events’ without pay, and are required to spend their own money on travel, uniform maintenance and cosmetic and hair styling requirements set by the Jets,” the suit says.

It seems those maintenance and cosmetic requirements added up:

She “had naturally curly hair, but the Jets required her to wear her hair straight, which in turn required her to see a hair stylist each week at an approximate cost of $45 per styling,” the suit says.

The lawsuit is seeking to “recover money damages for unpaid wages and reimbursement of work-related expenses” for current and former cheerleaders.

This is the fourth lawsuit against an NFL team by a cheerleader. Current lawsuits against the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders are still pending. I guess all that cheering and smiling comes at a hefty price with higher costs.

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~Angela Davis

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