In sports, when everything is on the line and you are called to step up, your team–and fans expect you to deliver. When you don’t it’s heart-wrenching. When that failure is on a national stage it’s downright devastating! Such was the case with Alabama kicker Cade Foster. The Alabama Crimson Tide starting kicker missed the field goal which set Auburn up for their surprising and awesome win. 

Even if you were an Auburn fan, your heart hurt a little for this young man who did his best, but still came up short. I have no doubt that after a loss like that, it must be the longest walk to the locker room ever!

But there’s always encouragement from teammates, fans and coaches, and for Foster it came in the form of a handwritten note from former President George W. Bush. Foster posted this pic of the note on Instagram. The note reads:

“Dear Cade (#43),

“Life has its setbacks. I know!

“However you will be a stronger human with time.

“I wish you all the best —

“Sincerely —

George W Bush's note to Cade Foster

George W Bush’s note to Cade Foster

I don’t care how you feel politically about former President George W Bush, Jersey Girl Sports fam this is pretty damn cool!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis