The University of Louisville women’s basketball coach said he’ll buy the first round of beer for the first 2,500 fans at Thursday night’s Preseason WNIT semifinal game against LSU. Yeah! How’bout that!?! This story, posted on USA Today Sports  has to be told!

Coach Jeff Walz said he’s buying the $2 beer as a gesture of gratitude for the loyal of-age fans. He’s inviting the rest of the fans to come out and enjoy the game.

“We’re just trying to have a little bit of a good time here at the ballgame,” Walz said after Monday’s 100-82 win over Quinnipiac. “Make sure you have a designated driver if you want to come and have a few of them.”

While I know Walz wants fans to have a good time, I suspect he also wants to draw new fans. 

“… It’s a little way to say thanks to all our adults who come and support us, and we’re just trying to get some of our fans who haven’t come out to come on out one time and get a drink and enjoy the ballgame and hopefully grab the attention of a few more fans.”

I’m not a fan, but hey I like sports and a nice first round of beer on the coach would be enough to get me out to watch a good game.

What about you?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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