The holiday season is upon us and we all tend to get a bit nostalgic. We get to spend quality time with our family and our friends and for us Jersey Girls—it’s time for shopping! As always, this is the time of year when we stop and take a minute to appreciate the things that give our lives meaning and value. So, in honor of that tradition, we’ve created a short list of things we’re grateful for: Jersey Girl Sports style!

1.  Michael Vick: He undoubtedly has the comeback story of the year! After being tried and found guilty of being the most disliked athlete on the face of the earth, it seems the jury of public opinion has reversed its decision. Michael Vick returned to the game under a cloud of skepticism wrapped in his own humility. Despite those who refuse to forgive him, Michael Vick let his game do the talking—and through it he shouted, “I’m back!” His impressive November 15th show of athleticism and skill cleared up any doubt that Michael Vick is back—better than ever!

2.  The Hotties:  Whenever we’re having a bad day or need a quick pick-me-up the hotties always get it done.  A      daily peek at the page is equivalent to about 3 cups of coffee! Whew!!!

3.  Monday Night Football (MNF): Mondays can be rough, but Monday Night Football makes it all better. This season has been especially great. Monday nights have spotlighted true talent and underscored those who should have stayed retired–(hint, hint).  Enjoying a great MNF game while drinking the Designated Drink of the week is just a bit of heaven!

 4.  The T.Ocho Show: We’re mostly thankful that T.O. has an outlet to speak—as much as he wants. Terrell Owens is a great athlete and his talents cannot be denied. However, his strong need for attention makes this show the perfect outlet for him to say all the things he shouldn’t say in the post game press conferences. The fact that his name is on the show will hopefully feed his ego enough that he’ll be satisfied with the medium. This will no doubt curb anymore crying spells, and for this we are thankful.

 5.  Who Dat?! After the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl last season, the “Who Dat” nation was on fire. For Jersey Girl Sports it only raised the question of, Who IS ‘Dat’? Well, we went on a mission to the ‘Big Easy’ to get the answer and not only did we get it, we met a lot of great, interesting and entertaining Saints fans along the way. The fact we were able to do it in a 2011 Toyota Camry made it all the better.

6.   Sports jersey’s for women: FINALLY we can represent our favorite teams in sexy, sporty jerseys, tees and apparel that fit our personality and style. We no longer have to restyle and reconfig our boyfriend or husband’s or brother’s jersey to make it “female friendly”.  Victoria’s Secret, JC Penny, the NFL and Touch by Alyssa Milano all have apparel for the female sports fan: a jersey girl!

7.  JGFs: Jersey Girl Sports is possible because of the wonderful, fantastic, powerful, dynamic, intelligent, and beautiful Jersey Girlfriends we have.  Thank You!

Of course there are many more things we’re thankful for, but we must remember, the most important things in life aren’t things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your JGFs,

~Angela and Marcelle