Going into All-Star Break, Is LeBron The League’s MVP?

Is the King still reigning over his NBA subjects? After Sunday night’s game where the Heat pulled off a victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, I would say so. Not only did the Heat win, LeBron James pulled off another stellar performance, which gave him a place in the history books. For the fifth straight game, James scored 30 points or more, setting a franchise record. For the fifth straight game, he also shot over 60 percent from the field. Only two other players in NBA history have done that, Moses Malone and Adrian Dantley. So the question remains is LeBron James still King? If the season was over today, the answer would probably be ‘yes’. No other player individually is playing at the level of James. James has been consistent and continues to produce record book results. Even with talks that James might be forced out of the Heat after this season, due to his high salary numbers, this has not slowed down the top player. The Heat have two more games (Portland Trailblazers and the OKC Thunder) before the All-Star break, and all eyes will be on James to see if his stats continue to climb breaking more  franchise and NBA records. Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English

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