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Going to a Super Bowl party? Here’s the top 5 Super Bowl party rules you should know

Going to a Super Bowl party? Here’s the top 5 Super Bowl party rules you should know

Super Bowl is the most watched event in television. It inspires millions of NFL and sports fans to tune in for the game, the excitement, and yes–the commercials. Even greater is the lifestyle the Super Bowl has spawned. Good Super Bowl parties are just as important as the game itself. Whether you’re hosting one or attending one, it’s equally important to know the rules of watching the game as it is the game itself. Here’s the top 5 Super Bowl party etiquette rules you need to know:

1. Don’t Double-Dip: You’ve seen the famous Seinfeld episode when this concept was highlighted: dipping your chip or food item in a dip or sauce, taking a bite, and then dipping it again! First of all that’s nasty. Nobody wants to eat behind you or have your saliva as a part of their meal.

2. Get Your Food And Go: If you’re heading to get food, chances are you’ll pass someone you want to talk to or you’ll be meeting someone. While that’s really cool, holding up the line while you rehash the last 5 years of your life or flirt with that cute guy/girl is not. There’s a game going on or a commercial to be seen, and your fireside chat is holding up progress. Get your plate and go.

3. It’s Too Late To Learn The Game: If you haven’t made it a point to learn the game of football by now, the Super Bowl is not your classroom! Just sit back, pick a team, and follow the lead of someone wearing a jersey or shirt in support of that team. Other than that, keep quiet. Asking questions will get you strange, evil looks. You don’t want to be “that girl” at the Super Bowl party. By the way, no matter how attractive you are, men who like sports are not impressed by a woman who keeps interrupting the game with questions.

4. Control Yourself: There’s nothing worse than an over-zealous fan who’s losing money on every play, or one who can’t handle trash-talking. This is a game people! The NFL players will get paid, win or lose, so while there’s nothing wrong with supporting your team, excessive anger and obnoxious outbursts are just too much.

5. Know Your Limits: Second on the list of terrible guests is the person who can’t handle their alcohol. “Drink responsibly” is more than just about not drinking and driving. It’s also about how you drink. Eat a little, drink a little, too, if that’s your thing, but know your limits! The “rock-star drunk” person at the party can ruin it. Don’t let it be you. 

Knowing and following these basic rules can and will keep your Super Bowl party experience worth remembering! 

Have fun sports fam!  And good luck on Monday morning…. (for those who party like I do) 🙂

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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