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Got questions about RGIII’s dad? RGIII says you need to “back up!”

Got questions about RGIII’s dad? RGIII says you need to “back up!”

RGIII can take the criticism about his lack of performance, perceived lack of leadership, and issues with his offensive line. However, when it comes to his family, particularly his father, that’s where he draws the line. After the Redskins’ loss to the 49ers in which RGIII took several hard hits, including one to his…uhhh…”jewels”– RGIII’s father came to the locker room.

This sparked some negative comments and some criticism.

RGIII wasn’t having it. When asked about his dad coming to the locker room, her said he was surprised. 

“Yeah, I was little shocked that he was there. But he meant no harm,” Griffin said. “And anybody out there that’s going after my dad needs to back up. That is my father. I will protect my family.”

Griffin said he didn’t know exactly what was being said about his father’s locker room visit, but he figured it wasn’t all positive comments.

“I had just taken a couple of shots. Obviously, I got kicked in the gonads,” he said. “He wanted to see if I was OK there.”

Wow!! His dad is concerned about his “jewels”? Hopefully this won’t affect future little “RG3’s” –or “RGIV”.

“There will be a Griffin IV,” he said, laughing.

For the record, his offensive line came to his defense to squash any rumors that they have issue with RGIII.

I’m glad RGIII put a stop to what should never have been started. Talking about the game is one thing, but talking about family crosses the line. Period.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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