Grambling State University football team gets first win of the season during memorable weekend

The Grambling State University football team can finally celebrate because they won their first game of the season on Saturday. After a boycott over conflicts with the administration and the state of their training facilities, which made national media attention, the team returned to the field, but still suffered another loss. This past week, however, they persevered and beat the Mississippi Valley State Blue Devils 47-40. What made it even more special was that this first win of the season happened during Grambling's annual Homecoming celebration. Even greater was the renaming of the Eddie Robinson stadium, now named the Eddie G. Robinson Memorial Stadium.  For colleges and universities "homecoming" is the annual weekend when alumni, young and old return to try and relive and recapture the joys of their collegiate years. For Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's), homecoming is more than just a return to see old friends--it's a party (with a purpose) of epic proportions. This past weekend, the alumni returned, this time with a purpose and a pledge to continue to increase its support of the University both financially and through resources that will continue improvement of athletic and academic programs at the university.  Where were the media reports about this positive turn-around? Where were the reports about the support of alumni, friends and the fight and push of the team to win? This won't make headlines. It's not juicy enough, or interesting enough, and I'm a bit biased. This is, after all, my alma mater. Coach Rob would be proud. Go Tigers! Your Jersey Girlfriend,  ~Angela Davis

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