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Grambling to be sued by Jackson State

Grambling to be sued by Jackson State

You just had to know this was coming. Jackson State University says it plans to sue Grambling State University for the financial loss it suffered as a result of a boycott by the football team which rendered Jackson State a homecoming without a game.

“The JSU family was damaged. Our Homecoming game draws tens of thousands of fans. The university intends to use litigation to be made whole for our direct and indirect financial losses,” Eric Stringfellow, executive director of Jackson State University Communications, wrote.


“We have a fiduciary responsibility to Mississippi taxpayers and the JSU community to mitigate our ongoing and substantial losses. Jackson State plans to pursue litigation against Grambling State and others.”

This is a hard hit for Grambling whose president, Dr. Frank Pogue cited huge financial constraints due to a 57% cut in funding from the state of Louisiana. The assurance from the athletic department that the players would be on the bus last week turned out to false.

“We had every reason to believe that our players would show up at (3:30 p.m. Friday). There wasn’t any other thinking,” Grambling State spokesman Will Sutton said Tuesday night. “We heard from folks that they were going to show up.”

That’s probably true. The players were not talking to the administration and their official boycott of the game was a last minute decision. Now they’re back on the field. They have gotten what they wanted in terms of new equipment and updates in their training facilities.

Still you have to wonder, if all this ends up costing the school more, and the tightened budget is constrained even more with the lawsuit and fines, who really won?

What do you think?

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~Angela Davis

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