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(VIDEO) Grant Hill and wife Tamia star in AT&T commercial ‘Slam Dunk’

(VIDEO) Grant Hill and wife Tamia star in AT&T commercial ‘Slam Dunk’

I just love it when athletes broaden their horizons to the TV screen outside of being a sports analyst. It’s nice to see them try a hand at acting or some other venture. For Grant Hill, he is showing up again, this time in the latest AT&T commercial with wife, pop and R&B star Tamia:

This isn’t the first time Hill has appeared in commercials. He’s appeared in TV ads for Sprite, McDonald’s, TAG Heuer, FIla, Nike, Adidas and Microsoft, to name a few. He’s also appeared in several TV shows including Living Single and Home Improvement.


I love this commercial and it’s nice to see Grant Hill’s presence expanding, growing and staying true to his good-natured image. This is another slam dunk.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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