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Gronkowski will use his ‘Patriots Privilege’ to appeal suspension

by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis

Jersey Girl Sport fam ‘Patriotism’ is real in the NFL. It’s the pass given to a very accomplished team ripe with accusations and proof of cheating–but successful nonetheless. When it comes to the New England Patriots, it seems they can do no wrong-even when their players are overtly and intentionally wrong.

This weeks game was very evident of this ‘ism’ when infamous Patriots tight end and ‘bad boy’ Rob Gronkowski purposefully drove his 256lb frame and elbow into the back of the neck and head of  Tre’Davious White who was out of bounds. This late hit was egregious, at best.  Gronkowski should have been ejected from the game, but he wasn’t. Today the NFL issued a one-game suspension.

Yep. Just one game, and guess what, he’s appealing the suspension.  The Shadow League adequately summed up the leagues indifference to the Patriots bad behavior.

“Patriotism” (and not the nationalist kind), and some would say racism, prevails in the League. It has also now given full credibility to the “Gronk being Gronk” clause, allowing it to thrive and thereby excusing what should be viewed as something akin to a criminal act. 

“It’s an intense game.”

“It’s just ‘Gronk being Gronk’.”

“Players are emotional, and White was ‘holding’ him. Gronk was frustrated.”

These are all the excuses I heard and/or read regarding this particular incident and it’s all crap. With what we know now about CTE, what Gronk did was inexcusable, and if the NFL is serious about deterring this behavior, he should have received a 3-4 game suspension. Truth be told, while Gronk is responsible for what he did, all of this doesn’t fall in his lap.

He’s been coddled, excused and given a pass, so the NFL needs to step up and hold the Patriots and its players to the same standard they do other players in the league. Gronkowski did apologize as did coach Belichick, but the damage has been done.

Let a player hit Gronk like he did and injure him. There would be hell to pay.

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