Have you seen the new Air Jordan XX8 shoe? It’s…uhhh, interesting

Jersey Girl Sports fam the new Air Jordan's can only be describe in one word: interesting. The shoe, released on Tuesday is the latest in the Air Jordan brand--a brand with a global presence whose entrance into athletic wear has changed the scope of the athletic shoe and casual fashion. The release of any Air Jordan shoe is always an event, and this was no different. However, after seeing the shoe, I'm not sure about it's design. When zipped it looks more like an overshoe--like a rainshoe, actually. Unizpped reveals a shoe with a hot lime-green accents. It looks more like art than something you'd wear on the court, and that was by design.

The designer, Nike's Tinker Hatfield said the artsy look was deliberate. He calls them "objects of art and design that happen to be used for basketball." O.k. I get it, but, hmmmm, it sort of falls short for me. I'm all all about apparel where fashion meets function, but I'm not sure if this makes the cut. Then again, I'm not really into sneakers. For those who collect, this will be another staple in the Air Jordan collection. For ballers, I think most will take it or leave it. Basketball is more about form than fashion, but at $250 a pair, I guess you gotta have both. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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