Heat, LeBron James Jokes He’s Faster Than Manti Te’o

It seems the media and NFL scouts aren't the only ones talking about Manti Te'o's performance at the NFL Combine. Heat player, LeBron James got his David Letterman on at the expensive of how slow Te'o was over the weekend. While the combine was on the television in the Heat locker room, James commented on Te'o's performance and his own personal experience in running a 4.6 in the 40 when in training last summer.
"It's better than Manti Te'o, I'll tell you that," he said, according to USA TODAY Sports. "Better than Te'o."
James was .2 better than Te'o who ran a 4.82 in his NFL job interview.  This only shows that Te'o may not be ready for NFL prime time  While this doesn't mean that Te'o won't make it to the NFL but it does case a bigger shadow on his abilities.  Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English  

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