When teams aren’t winning, fans become angry and they want change. Football, afterall is only 16 weeks and when your team is 0-6, fans want a change fast! Such is the case with Houston Texans fans. They are angry with the way quarterback Matt Schaub has been playing and last week they called for him to be benched. Well, he played in Sunday’s game and when he went down from a hit, some fans actually cheered!

This didn’t sit well with many Texans players who were downright disgusted:

“It’s disgusting,” left tackle Duane Brown said. “I don’t want to address them first; I want to address the fans that were there until the end cheering us on into the tunnel. We appreciate you loyal fans and the fans that stick by us. For the fans that cheered when he got hurt, that’s disgusting. You can feel how you want about him as a player, but this is his livelihood and how he provides for his family. When a man goes down and he is not able to get up, you don’t know what is wrong with him at that point; that could be the last play of his career and for you to applaud at that … I have no words for that. Shout out to the fans that stick by us; we really appreciate y’all.”

So what about these fans? Certainly they have a right to be angry. Sports fans are often emotionally connected to their teams, but sometimes they can go too far.  It’s one thing to be angry at the performance of your quarterback, but to actually cheer when he is injured is a bit much. Football is a dangerous sport where injuries can be serious and even life-threatening.

Those types of fans are not needed, even for the best teams. It is, afterall, just a game.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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