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How Much Trouble Are The Saints Really In?

The Saints find themselves knees deep this off-season, but have faith they can pull through.

The delay associated with Drew Brees and signing of his Franchise Tag is the least of the Saints concern. The most important work comes after. Brees, easily the on-field coach, will be the one in charge as the season approaches. He will regulate OTA’s (Organized Team Activities) and most likely have a huge influence in the back office with the coaches and management. When the season does arrive, he will do most of the play calling and help direct traffic on the sidelines. Securing his spot as the quarterback puts a hush on the uncertainties felt by New Orleans fans, which ultimately pay the bills.

Assuaging the concerns of the fans would become all that more attainable if the Saints got a handle on the coaching staff, or lack of. After the NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodell came down hard on New Orleans after the Bounty Scandal, the Saints were forced to replace personnel in the Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator, and General Manager positions. As of right now, they have 2 interim coaches to fill the head coaching position, changing over after 6 games of the season.

This all sounds like a lot, and it is. The chemistry between the rest of the athletes and coaching staff begins and ends with the quarterback and head coach. The struggle to come up with an agreement on Brees’ franchise tag sets an uneasy precedence and an unnecessary distraction during the offseason. Although Brees has worked with Joe Vitt, formally the assistant coach, the first 6 games will be rocky. Going up against Goliath opponents that include the Redskins, Panthers, Packers, and Chargers, I predict the Saints will finish 2-3 in the first quarter of the season when Vitt will take over as Head Coach.

I haven’t even mentioned the Gregg Williams live audio of bounty hits or Gary Loomis who is now under investigation after being accused of allegedly eavesdropping on opposing teams throughout his term as the Defensive Coordinator. The Saints need to let HR and PR handle these stories and focus on their performance on the field.

There is more than enough time during this offseason to overcome the adversity and fight to become Americas Team once again. As long as they can stay afloat during this 2012-2013 season, next year they will see themselves dominating the league again.

See you soon,

B. Long (@Ms4thandLong)

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