This situation with Incognito has gone from bad, to worse, to absolutely ridiculous! Yesterday, in an interview on NFL on FOX with Jay Glazer, Incognito answered questions regarding this ever-worsening situation. While Glazer started with “full disclosure” regarding his friendship with Incognito, the conversation wasn’t really hard-hitting. It seemed more like a casual conversation between friends. I wanted to be satisfied with the answers, but I wasn’t. Quite frankly, I have more questions.


So, what about the Dolphins organization? How much did they really know. This question and supposed answer was edited out of the interview. What are the legal consequences? In his conversations with Jonathan Martin, did Incognito apologize? And what about that text message from Martin. The one which stated: “I will kill your whole family”. Was really sent in jest or was he responding to the pressure which ultimately caused him to leave the team?

I wasn’t impressed with Glazer’s approach. So yes, Glazer is not a hard-hitting journalist like Barbara Walters or as a journalist would be on a segment on 60 Minutes. However, given the serious nature of this situation, i would think his approach would have been a bit more serious. 

So whenever the “N-Word” racial epithet  is used, the response is always ‘it shouldn’t be said’. Still there is always the “they say it” discussion, as if somehow that makes it better. Friend was a word used alot in the interview. I don’t care how “friendly” a person may be, attacking their ethnicity is never acceptable. So, what about when black players use the word? Well, they’re black, and if you’re not black that’s a realm you’re not privileged to enter. It doesn’t make sense, and it’s arguable wrong, but it’s no different than terms other groups use for each other–within their circle. It’s sorf of the old, “I can talk about us, but you can’t” rule. 

The Dolphins management and coaches need to speak up. What did they know? When did they know? Did they ever try to intervene? What about this NFL culture? What changes now and how does that affect the team?

I’m hoping to hear from Jonathan Martin. Now that Incognito has spoken, Martin will have to respond. He left the team. He reportedly has emotional problems, and then there’s the text message. 

So many questions. Too little answers.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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