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Is LeBron Prepping for an NFL Debut with the Dolphins?

Well…not really!

As the NBA lockout continues to rear its ugly head, Tuesday Miami Heat’s star player, LeBron James, decided to visit his former high school St. Vincent-St. Many in Akron, Ohio to get his football on. James arrived during football practice in full pads showing that he’s not just a one sport athlete.

“I not gonna lie, it was pretty cool to see him out there,” SVSM quarterback Kevin Besser told Fox 8 Cleveland.

James borrowed the uniform and equipment of an injured SVSM tight end, who happens to be 6’5″. It is doubtful if any other player’s uniform could fit the 6’8″ James.

James only practiced with the team for about an hour, and no video was taken with the fear that SVSM’s game plan might be revealed to other schools.

If the NBA lockout stretches on too long, though, James might be able to find work in the NFL as a tight end. “He caught everything, he didn’t drop a pass,” Besser said.

Heat fans don’t worry your Bron Bron was not hurt during practice, he was barely touched at the line scrimmage and was never tackled.

If the lockout continues and the way the Miami Dolphins have been playing, James could be a welcomed addition especially in the red zone.

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