So the results of the latest Zogby poll are in! Apparently the new results have the President, leading Mitt Romney among NASCAR fans by a whopping 48 to 41 percent (and that’s just based on those who participated in the poll)! NASCAR, “that bastion of Republican politics, Dixie pride and Christian gusto” (as is calling it) has turned their wheels towards President Obama. We can only hope that it stays that way (I’m pretty sure it will). Until this poll, NASCAR has been known to mostly support Republican Campaigns.

In the beginning, Mitt Romney’s campaigned seemed to pose a threat to the potential re-election of President Obama, due to his support from those “abstract” republicans, his seemingly rising popularity in the polls, and his own asinine and dopey political views that all off of his moronic yet loyal boosters support. 

In my opinion, his entire campaign has seemed wacky! From his quoting the slogan of the KKK in one of his speeches “Let’s keep America, American” (blank stares), to his sudden softness on immigration (specifically after he sees the response it gets Obama), to the alleged release of inappropriate photos of a woman that is thought to be Ann Dunham (Obama’s mother). Trust me, that’s not even the half of it! The Romney Campaign becomes more irrelevant by the hour  and I hope you plan to be in front of someone’s television tonight for the Presidential debates, to watch his campaign unravel even more.! Besides the fact that you should watch tonight’s debate to be supportive of whomever; we should all watch to be informed and aware of the facts, potential strategies, reforms and other things that could be put into place with either party.  Even though Mitt Romney technically does pose a “threat” to the Obama campaign (only because he’s a candidate), it’s looking like Obama has got this one in the bag. But don’t get comfortable yet! We still need you guys to be alert, watching, and ready to vote!

Make the right decision, make an informed decision and make sure you register to vote before the deadline! (which varies in particular areas) Register by October 6th, 2012 just to be safe!!

Your Jersey Girlfriend

Ivy Knight