The Super Bowl is the biggest and most watched vent in television — and the most profitable for networks. Not only is it the most watched, but this year’s big game proved to be the most interactive. Social media was on fire during the game and marketers have the numbers to prove it. Here are the stats surrounding Super Bowl Sunday:

1. 111.5 million -This is the estimated number of people who WATCHED the Super Bowl. Beating the 111.3 viewers of the 2012 Super Bowl of the NY Giants vs. the New England Patriots, this year’s game is now the most watched event in television history.

2. 24.9 million – The number of tweets during Sunday’s game. This is now the biggest U.S. live event on Twitter.

3. 528,000 – The average number of people who watched the live Internet stream of the game.

4. 381,600-  The number of tweets per minute when Seahawks’ Percy Harvin ran back the second half kickoff and scored a touch down. This was also the peak of activity on Twitter.

5.  115.3 million – The estimated number of people who watched the half-time show. This is now the most watched half-time show ever.

6. 185 million – The number of game-related interactions on Facebook.

With these kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder that ads were running about $1 million per 30 second spot. While these number justify the ad pricing, it doesn’t speak to the lack of creativity. The ads were “so-so” this year. I was a bit disappointed. 

Networks aren’t disappointed. The checks have been cashed and they’re already planning for 2015. I’m sure next year will be bigger and better than ever.

We’ll be watching. Will you be in the number?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis