It’s a wrap! Score big with the right scarf

by Angela Davis/@ladyadavis Jersey Girls it's getting colder outside! For at least most of the U.S. it's cooler than normal and heading out requires more layers and heavier clothes. You can be cute and warm - and with the right scarf you can take your look to the next level.  Here's how you can be warm and 'haute' with scarves: 1. The traditional wrap: If it's just to keep your neck area warm, you can still do it with style. A traditional loop around the neck is simple, but adding a scarf with color gives an added flair. 2. The double-loop: This is the hot trendy look. The scarf is looped around the neck twice so it sits just below the collar bone. This scarf can be worn with or without a coat or jacket and is casually chic. 3. Single-loop: This is a nice look for a long scarf. It's looped around the neck once and then the longer ends of the scarf can be draped over the shoulder, tucked for a fuller look around the neck, or just left alone to hang.
scarves with different styles
scarves with different styles
4. Simple hang: You actually don't have to tie a scarf at all. You can just leave it hanging around your neck. This is a look for longer, thinner scarves, or for those that can also work as a wrap. However you rock your scarf, it can add another layer of fabulous to an already wonderful you! Wrap up Jersey Girls!  

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