From the most beautiful homes, the hottest cars, the trendiest clothes, the best in footwear, the biggest diamonds, and the best looking husbands, you would think that football wives have it all.  Well you’re right to an extent, the one thing that ALL football wives don’t have in common is a VH1 reality show.  So tighten your helmets and put on those extra pads because football season is about to get intense because the women of VH1’s newest reality show, Football Wives, are about to take the field starting Sunday, October 24th at 10:30pm ET/PT. 

So let me introduce you to the team. Most of the women’s husbands or boyfriends either played or play for the Dallas football team or in the UFL (United Football League).  I believe that I know my share of football, but honestly as I was watching to first episode I was like ‘who are these guys?’  So I called a friend of mine, a fellow Jersey Girl who is a die-heart fan for the Cowboys and she even said that she wasn’t too familiar with a lot of guys.  Now let me explain one thing during this show unlike in Basketball Wives you will not hear the names of the NFL franchises mentioned, just the city that the football team plays in.  WOW…one point for Roger Goddell and the NFL.  Back to the “team” here’s the line-up…

First up we have Pilar Sanders, the veteran of the group, who’s married to former Atlanta Falcon, former San Francisco 49er, former Dallas Cowboy All-Pro Cornerback, Deion Sanders.  Pilar tries to portray that she a regular wife with regular issues who cooks, cleans, washes just like the next wife.  I just find that hard to believe when you are living on a 100 acre campus you call your house.  Pilar doesn’t have a really great relationship with any of the other wives, she tries to set herself apart like she is the most glamorous, the most educated, the most everything.  I’m sorry…I’m just not buying it.

Next on the roster is Amanda Davis, the wife of Dallas Offensive Lineman Leonard Davis.  Amanda to me is the sanest. She appears to have this loving relationship with her family, she travels all over the country to support her husband’s career, and she’s highly respected in the wife-circle because of the charity work that she does.  But seriously, does ever other words out of her mouth have to be “my husband is one the highest paid football players in the league”, who cares.  Amanda doesn’t really keep up the drama, but she has the potential to get slapped a couple of times.

Next is Chanita Foster, wife of Offensive Lineman George Foster, a 7-year veteran with Denver, Cleveland and Detroit.  This chick has drama written all over her!  As many have said that ‘it’s Chanita’s world, and the rest of us are just living in it’.  When Chanita isn’t yelling, cussing or being downright rude, she cares for the couple’s six kids, three dogs, and a fish named JoJo.  In addition Chanita and George built a school in Swaziland, but her main focus is her custom jersey company for football wives.  Chanita is a little too much for me, but she’s all about being a football wife.

Now there Dawn Neufeld, wife of 7-year veteran Tight End Ryan Neufeld who’s been with Dallas, Jacksonville and Buffalo.  Now I really like Dawn because her story is out of a Lifetime movie script.  She and Ryan have been married for 10 years with two kids, one with autism.  They meet in college and after Dawn earned her law degree she put her career on hold to support Ryan.  Since Ryan was only able to play a couple of years in the NFL as nothing more than a back-up, the family settled in Dallas and now Ryan is trying to play for the UFL.  Dawn has returned to work, but they seem to have a number of financial issues with the maintaining of the house, having a toddler and a special needs child at the house.  Now Dawn does have a mouth on her, but the other women feel as though they can just walk all over her.  I say don’t let anyone walk all over you Girl!

Malani Ismail is the wife of former college and pro football star Rocket Ismail.  After on a blind date, Melani and Rocket married only four months later and welcomed their first child the following year.  Fifteen year later and four children, the Ismails are a couple whom I can tell really enjoys each other.  Since Melani’s youngest is finally heading off to school, she’s decided to reprise her music career.  With Rocket retired and at home, he’s dealing with the effects of what a long football career can have on the body.  Melani is often the voice of reason, and also is the one the other women come to looking for advice on what it’s like to be married to a pro football player.

Next is Erin McBriar the wife of Dallas Punter Mat McBriar.  Erin seems to be the most practical one, who met her husband while in college in Hawaii.  When the two first married she was the one who held it down while working long hours at a local clothing boutique.  Like I said Erin has a realistic view when it comes to the lifestyle she can have, but also know s and understands that it can be taken away at any minute. Honestly, no real drama here.

Next to last is Mercedes Nelson, who is the Ex-girlfriend of a star on the Dallas team.  It so funny that she’s not really saying who she dated, I mean who really cares and why are you on this show.  Mercedes is a former sing and burlesque dancer, but now is working on her own clothing line.  Again I ask, why is she here?

Last but certainly not least, is the rookie Brittany Pigrenet, girlfriend of Dallas Kicker, David Buehler.  Brittany has been with David for a year and finally believes that her relationship is moving into a direction where she can see marriage and having a family with David.  The one thing that I do like about Brittany is that she’s very independent; she has two waitress jobs to cover her bills and college tuition and refuses to take any financial support from David.  Throughout the show Brittany gets a very eye-opening look at what it is to be a football wife.  I really hope they make it.

Trust me when I say that this show is very different from VH1’s first show, Basketball Wives (also produced by Shaunie O’Neil).  The same drama, the same problems when other women, and some of the same insecurities exist, but this show just seems a little classier.  Now I’ve only seen one full episode and it could go downhill very fast, but let’s wait and see.  So remember, the show starts this Sunday, October 24th at 10:30pm ET/PT on VH1.