It’s in the bag! The best handbags for your next sporting event

Jersey Girls, what type of bags do you take with you when you go to a sporting game? Many of us, if we can help it, try to minimize and downsize. We carry our cross-body bags or wristlets and keep it moving. I can understand that because sometimes you really don’t want to be bothered with a  purse. However, more often than not, we carry a handbag and I've got the top three for any sporting event: the tote, the hobo and the satchel. The Tote: It is on the list because it is perfect for the traditional family style trips, and it is large enough to hold diapers, wipes, snacks plus the important things like your makeup, wallet etc. I know what you are thinking, "they are not really that cute" --but the styles and materials for totes have changed a lot in the last five years.


  The Hobo: It is the most versatile. The shape is very unique and the styles appeal to everyone. It is a step down from the tote as far as size but it has a unique flair of its own. It lays close to the body for added security with big crowd events and it can jazz up shorts, jeans or a sundress.

The Satchel This is a sportsnista's dream because it is the most trendy of the handbags.  It provides space for your wallet, makeup, etc, and it lays close to the body like the tote and the hobo but can be carried along the side too. It comes in different sizes but never as big as the tote. This is the bag you carry when you want to make a statement. Yes, it's a statement bag.

So Jersey Girls you have choices.  The thing you want to remember is to invest in these bags. Go with real leather and they will last a lifetime.  It really is in the bag! Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Jenique K.

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