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It‘s Jersey Girl Sports’ Turn In Crown Royal’s Pass the Crown Virtual Secret Santa

It‘s Jersey Girl Sports’ Turn In Crown Royal’s Pass the Crown Virtual Secret Santa

I know you’ve been reading about and seeing us tweet a million times about the awesome Secret Santa promotion, Pass the Crown that we are doing with Crown Royal. Well our day to either open the gift that we are given or steal a gift from another blogger that has already been opened has come.

This is the clue that we received earlier this morning…

We have to decide what we’re going to do by 4pm EST today. Other gifts that have been received are the Apple IPad mini, Kindle Fire, Samsung Digital Camera MV800, personal cooking classes (which I could probably benefit greatly from), a digital smokehouse, a Crown Royal XR & Happy Hour and many others.

So what should we do? Open the Crown Royal bag or steal another gift?

Don’t forget every time you tweet #PasstheCrown and #JerseyGirlSport we get one step closer to being able to make the final pull, but for every #PassTheCrown tag, a U.S. soldier overseas receives a Crown Royal gift bag through the Crown Royal Heroes Project.  What better and easier way to show support for our troops than through a quick hashtag?

If you like the embroidery work on your Crown Royal bag, you can customize your own Crown Royal bag in 40 characters at for $9.95.  It’s the perfect way to keep it short and sweet.  Or, you can personalize your own  Crown Royal label for free.  How cool is that?!?!?!

Let us know what we should do by 4pm today…the pressure is on!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English

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  1. Nicole

    Maybe it’s one of those high-end Cuisinart mixers! I’d keep it if I were you..


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