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Jayson Tatum to debut new Nike HyperAdapt BB sneaker

Jayson Tatum to debut new Nike HyperAdapt BB sneaker

~by Angela Davis

If you’re a baller your shoe game is critical. If you are a sneaker head, then you’re already up on game. Nike is making the art of ‘lacing up’ kinda ‘old skool’ with their new HyperAdapt BB, and Jayson Tatum will be the first player to wear them.

The new sneakers are are Nike‘s first auto-lacing performance basketball sneaker and are thirty years in the making. They are pretty futuristic!


A decade before Tatum was born, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield received a unique request from Universal Studios. Director Bob Zemeckis was working away on the 1989 sequel to “Back to the Future,” and he asked Nike to help design a futuristic shoe for the movie’s 2015 setting.

Hatfield, now Nike’s VP of design and special projects, dreamt up the iconic Nike Mag, a futuristic, power-lacing sneaker unveiled in the movie by character Marty McFly. After recently recreating the shoe in 2015 — when the reality of the calendar caught up to the fictional world of the movie — Nike expanded the auto-lacing concept, first with the multipurpose HyperAdapt 1.0 sneaker in late 2016, and now with the performance-geared HyperAdapt BB, to solve problems for athletes of today.

“The [original] notion of a shoe that recognizes you and turns on, then adapts itself to you, is not very different than what we’re looking at right now,” Hatfield said.

Tatum is pretty excited to be a part of this release.

Being the first person to wear it is a great opportunity,” Tatum said. “I didn’t know what to expect. Hearing about a shoe with all this technology and no laces, I didn’t know what it was going to look like. It really surprised me. It looked a lot better than I thought it would, and it felt great — that was most important.”

The HyperAdapt BB officially will launch Feb. 17, just before the NBA’s All-Star Game. They will retail around $350.

With sneakers, I guess we don’t have to “go back”. The future is here.

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