Jedeveon Clowney gets major endorsement deals with Puma, Wilson, Gillette and New Era

It's going to be an amazing week for Jedeveon Clowney. This time tomorrow we'll know what team he'll be playing for in the upcoming NFL season. He'll not doubt have a lucrative contact and life will be changed forever. Once thing we know now is that he's already loading up endorsement deals. His latest deal came today with Puma, and they sent him some amazing snake-skin shoes as a token of the relationship!
"I just want to be a part of something different," said Clowney. "Why not change it up? ... I'm going to try to carry my name as far as I can. I'll have a new hit for you too. Stay tuned. It's going to come."
This just another on the list. He's already signed endorsement deals with:
  1. Wilson (the leather company)
  2. Gillette
  3. New Era
This is just the beginning for Clowney. He's a big dude with amazing athleticism. At 6'6" and 266 pounds, he ran a 4.53-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine; that's insane for a guy his size!
Clowney endorsements
Clowney endorsements
I hope he does well this first year, because it seems we'll get to see alot of him on and off the gridiron. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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