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Jeremy Lin gives credit where credit is due–to Carmelo Anthony

“A Lin and A Prayer”, “Lin-sanity”, these are just some of the phrases and words being created about the NBA’s newest sensation,  Jeremy Lin. A virtual no-name two weeks ago, Jeremy Lin is now a household name with his  record points and stats and late game-wininng shots the key to the New York Knicks latest winning streak. Rumors that Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony won’t be able to “jel” with Lin sounded ridiculous and Lin agreed saying Carmelo Anthony is the reason he ever got a chance to play.

 On ESPN New York 1050’s “The Michael Kay Show,” Lin confirmed that Anthony told coach Mike D’Antoni to put him in the Knicks’ Feb. 4 game against the New Jersey Nets, in which Lin had the breakout performance. He also dismissed the notion that Anthony won’t be able to fit in with the new team strategy.

“That’s why I think it’s funny right now,” Lin said. “Some people are talking about, ‘Oh, can Melo adjust into the system?’ I mean, Melo wants to adjust to the system, and he doesn’t want to shoot 30 shots a game. The fact that he vouched for me shows a lot about him.”

He even went on to praise and talk about Carmelo’s talents on the court acknowledging Carmelo’s skills to advance the Knicks.

“You can pretty much give him the ball in any situation, in any circumstance, and he’ll make something good happen,” Lin said. “I think that’s the beauty of having him on the team. … He’s going to add a different dimension. There will be times where we’ll have to figure it out and adjust, but we’re definitely going to do that and we’re going to make the most of it and become an even better offensive team.”

So all this talk about Carmelo being jealous or not being able to flow into this new dynamic with Jeremy Lin is a bunch of garbage. Whenever there’s a new “star” on a team, a rumor is sure to follow shortly about the “old” star being jealous, etc. It’s typical gossip with no merit, and people should not feed into it.

At the end of the day the Knicks want to win games. They want to advance to the playoffs and, ultimately win the championship. If Lin is the right man to advance the team, so be it. Carmelo Anthony is invaluable to the team and he’s not going anywhere. I’m glad Jeremy Lin is squashing the nonsense.

Afterall, there’s still the playoffs.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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