For all the Dallas Cowboys fans hoping  Tony Romo will roam away, sorry–it ain’t happenin’! Cowboys owner/head coach (he sometimes serves as both) Jerry Jones says he’s certain a contract extension will be reached but he’s not constrained by time:

“We all have to decide what that day is, everybody involved — his agents, him, me,” Jones said. “It’s not a concern of mine.”


“The point that I do want to make, if we make this kind of commitment, is that I feel good about making it. I feel good about where he is in his career. I feel good about the time he has spent with (head coach) Jason Garrett and (quarterbacks coach) Wade Wilson. But with (new offensive coordinator) Bill Callahan involved, I do expect some new wrinkles, so to speak, relative to what Tony Romo can do.”


Fans want this deal to get done, first because of the salary cap. Fans will know what and how the Cowboys can move prior to the draft and they can better prepare their minds for another season with Romo.

“Probably what concerns (the fans) about a timetable is that they don’t know if it’ll be weeks out,” Jones said. “I have a better feel for it than that. We’re involved in dialogue, we’re involved in negotiations. It’s not the thing to do, him or me, to say that we’ll have something done by midnight or tomorrow unless it’s that imminent.”


“You can’t get that answer because you don’t have it all ready to sign it. But I’m not concerned that it’ll be drawn out.”

Well, Jerry–let’s get it done! Cowboys fans, what do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis