Jerry Jones makes promises to fans again for better next season

Jerry Jones makes promises to fans again for better next season

Jones Promises “Changes Coming” to Cowboy Fans

Jerry Jones understands that Cowboy Fans are frustrated and apparently is experiencing some frustration of his own. During his weekly radio broadcast on KRLD-FM, he announced that changes are coming to his team.

“I can assure our fans this, that it’s going to be very uncomfortable from my standpoint, it’s going to be very uncomfortable for the next few weeks and months at Valley Ranch.”

I hope that Jerry’s seat is equally hot and uncomfortable. His business acumen is unquestionable; how else could he have billions of dollars at his disposal, but his football sense? Not so much. He has run off strong successful coaches in Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer and Bill Parcells and run-over and micro-managed lesser coaches in Wade Phillips, Chan Gailey and even Jason Garrett. How many times have we seen Jerry fuming on the sidelines, having come down from the skybox?

If he is serious about making big changes I think he needs to take a hard look at his quarterback. On the big stage when it’s win or go home, Tony Romo can’t close. The ‘Boys are 8-8 for the second year in the row and Romo ended the season in what has become standard for the Cowboys with an error filled game and disappointing finish.

Jones should look at rival Washington Redskins who made a bold move in moving up in the draft to get quarterback Robert Griffin III. Now they are going to the play-offs. Aslo the Denver Broncos who courted Peyton Manning despite the fact that he was coming off a serious neck injury and did not play in 2011 for Indianapolis; the risk has paid dividends, they are going to the play-offs with a real shot at the AFC Championship and beyond.

For some reason, Jerry is enamored with Tony Romo and not ready to let go. He vowed his support for the QB on his broadcast “…. Tony is a tremendous asset and he’s an asset that’s going to be with the Dallas Cowboys for, as far as I’m concerned, a long time.”

It seems that Jerry is still making the same moves, interchanging coaches and players- other than Romo. Until he is willing to step outside the box and make real changes it looks like the more things “change” the more they stay the same.

Sound off Jersey Girl Sports Fam! Cowboys fan or not, is it time to make a change at the quarterback position?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Tatia Harris

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