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Jersey Girl Power: Christmas Abbott Gets Into The NASCAR Pit (VIDEO)

Jersey Girl Power: Christmas Abbott Gets Into The NASCAR Pit (VIDEO)

If you know anything about NASCAR, you know that working in the pit is more than just a notion. It is the place where drivers come to refuel, get repairs and get new workings on their car–in a matter of seconds. It takes a tremendous amount of strength, agility and, yes–even courage to work there. It is, after all, called the “pit”. Given these conditions is just makes sense that men would dominate in this area.

Meet Christmas Abbott.

She the new pretty and sexy face in the pit, and this 31-year-old fitness buff just made history by becoming the first full-time female NASCAR pit crew member with Michael Waltrip Racing. Well, can she handle it? Don’t underestimate her petite 5’3″, 115-pound. frame. Abbott can change two 60-pound tires in 12 seconds.


Christmas Abbott working on tires

Christmas Abbott working on tires


Abbott trains with the pit crew

Abbott trains with the pit crew

On the heals of Danica Patrick’s historic entry into NASCAR, Abbott now stands shoulder-to-shoulder in a sport dominated by men. The good news is that Christmas, like Patrick has been received very well, and Christmas doesn’t seem to focus on the fact that she’s a woman:

“It’s not a gender issue for me,” Abbott told The Sporting News. “I decided to change tires because I liked what I did. I liked the excitement of it, the challenge and what it presented. That’s why I pursued this sport.”


“The guys aren’t shunning me … They’re here and they’re doing their job and they’re getting paid for it. It’s no different than just going to another job — have a good work ethic and you’ll go far.”

Abbott works hard. Her amazing physique comes from the grueling training at her gym. According to the NY Daily News Abbott is a devotee of CrossFit conditioning, she runs her own fitness center and also trains up to twice a day with the Michael Waltrip Racing team.

She’s seems ready for the challenge.

“There are more eyes on me,” she said. “There are more eyes on Michael Waltrip and NASCAR now because of this. I think it is a positive highlight and (women) are going to be there sooner or later.”  


I think it’s sooner rather than later. 

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend, 

~Angela Davis

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