He’s one of our favorite NFL players and today Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman DeMarcus Ware showed off his new facemask.

DeMarcus Ware's new new facemask

DeMarcus Ware’s new new facemask

Some feel he’s channeling the character ‘Bane‘ from Batman, but he may be channeling colleague  Justin Tuck. The NY Giants‘ defensive end added extra bars last year to make it harder for opponents to grab his facemask. He felt opponents were doing it to further aggravate an existing neck injury. Ware, who also has had some neck problems, seems happy with his change and posted it on his Facebook page saying:

“Getting my armor ready for the season,” Ware wrote. “Will be suited up for battle!”

Indeed! The extra bars will make it difficult to grab the facemask, keeping Ware safe and his opponents on guard.

We are ready for some football!

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~Angela Davis