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Jersey Girl Sports summer guide for the sports fan

Jersey Girl Sports summer guide for the sports fan

After the NBA finals and Stanley Cup games, sports seems to slip into obscurity. The excitement and intensity that sports brings seem to fall into a lull leaving many sports fans wondering, “what’s next?”.  Even though the NFL season still a bit too far away, sports fans do have some options. Here’s our list of the top 10 sports and sporting events to consider:

1. Wimbledon – It’s the best of the best in tennis. In fact, as I write this blog, Wimbledon is in full effect, and this year’s games have proven to be especially shocking.

2.  NBA Draft – It’s always good to see young hopefuls embrace their dreams of playing professional basketball. Though it doesn’t always have the thrill of the NFL draft, the NBA has it’s own brand of entertainment and excitement worth watching.

3.  WNBA – With Brittney Griner and Stylar Diggins now joining the illustrious group of professional female ballers, this season is definitely worth watching! 

4. NASCAR – The race car season is far from over, and if fast cars are your thing, NASCAR has plenty of races through the season to keep you revved up.

5. MLB All-Star Game – This is where baseball’s best come out to play. Whether you like the Home Run Derby or the game itself, the All Star game has something for all baseball fans.

6. PGA – There’s a myriad of games under the PGA Tour that would appease any golf lover. Check in to watch your favorites.

7. The ESPYS – It’s the ‘Academy Awards for sports and this year it’s especially good because beloved TV personality Robin Roberts will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

8.  NFL Pre-season –  Pre-season NFL games start in August and it’s what kicks off the excitement for the NFL season. That also means it’s time to get your fantasy teams together.

9. Soccer – Soccer is especially great this year because it’s the FIFA qualifiers so all eyes are on the field in anticipation for the largest viewed sporting event on the globe.

10. US Open – This tennis match signifies the end of the tennis season and the intro to the NFL season. Taking place over Labor Day weekend, it’s another meet-up of the best tennis has to offer.

When you look at it like this, there’s enough sports to keep the summer interesting.

After that, we’ll be ready for some football!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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