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Jersey Girl Sports wins in the ‘Pass The Crown’ Secret Santa promotion

Jersey Girl Sports wins in the ‘Pass The Crown’ Secret Santa promotion

Jersey Girl Sports was crowned the queens of this year’s Crown Royal Pass The Crown  Secret Santa promotion and walked away with two iPad Mini’s!  For the last few weeks, Jersey Girl Sports along with 24 other national sports bloggers participated in a special promotion with Crown Royal.

Each day we received a Secret Santa gift that we could either open and keep or leave sealed and steal another gift.Gifts included everything from digital cameras, Kindle Fires, Crown Royal tasting events and the iPad Mini. In addition to the daily gifts, we were competing via social media to have the “last steal”. Whoever had the most tweets and re-tweets could claim the last steal and would be crowned the winner. The tweets helped to promote the event, but also sent gifts to US Soldiers overseas.

The main focus of the Pass The Crown event was to support US troops via the Crown Royal Heroes Project. Every tweet sent a Crown Royal bag stuffed with gifts to US troops. As a result of this promotion, over 1,400 bags were sent.

What a blessing it is to participate in a promotion that is not only fun, but more important, helps and sends love to our troops who continue to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Shout out to Crown Royal and to all the bloggers who participated in this event.

Merry Christmas!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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