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Jets’ coach Rex Ryan blasts players criticism of Tebow

Jets’ coach Rex Ryan blasts players criticism of Tebow

Jersey Girl Sports fam, after some NY Jets’ players anonymously blasted Tim Tebow for his lack of performance and added value to the team, coach Rex Ryan rushed to his defense and lashed out at the critics.Ryan defended Tebow and called the players “cowardly” for ripping Tebow.

According to,  several unnamed players, in a New York Daily News story, were critical of Tebow’s ability as a quarterback. One player said Tebow is “terrible.” Another player told the team has no choice but to stick with the slumping Mark Sanchez because “we have no other viable option.”

Rex Ryan asked for those players to identify themselves. No one responded.


The Jets have struggled even before the season started. Fighting among players during pre-seaon practice made headlines, and it seems since them Rex Ryan has struggled to keep the team solid. He remains optimistic saying, “Quite honestly, I feel extremely confident this football team is coming closer together, than what maybe is being thought of as pulling apart,” Ryan said. “I definitely don’t see that.”

Well we see it.

And how does Tim Tebow feel about this? Well, he was obviously hurt stating, “I think there was some frustration and some sadness,” Tebow said. “It’s never fun to hear criticism. At the same time, it’s something I’ve always used as motivation. You try to get stronger from it.”

Well, at least he has the right attitude. Since Tebow’s move to the Jets there’s been a bunch of criticism inside and outside the organization. Add to that their current 3-6 record and Mark Sanchez’ less than stellar performance and you’ve got the right prescription of frustration and pointed fingers. Mark Sanchez is sympathetic:

“I feel for Tim,” Sanchez said. “That sucks, it just sucks. It can’t feel good. But at the same time, I’ve been there. You wake up the next day and you keep playing.”

I guess that’s a mantra we could all live by. Besides this is the NFL and any given Sunday things can change. Let’s hope for the Jets sake they do just that, because if they can’t come together as a team, they’ve already lost before the first snap.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis



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