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Jets open to trading Revis — and any other player they get an offer for

Jets open to trading Revis — and any other player they get an offer for

—PHOENIZ ~Sports is a business. Period. That’s exactly the approach Jets’ owner Woody Johnson is taking when it comes to Darrelle Revis, or any of the Jets players. 

“This is a chessboard, and you have to move the pieces around,” Johnson said . “We’re always trying to get better, and if anyone wants to make an offer on any one of our players, we’ll always listen.”

The Jets are strapped because of the salary cap, and rumors are rampant that teams including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will make an offer for Revis, and that the Jets may offer an extension to Revis who always seems to have drama when it comes to his contract.

“The lines of communication [with Revis] are open,” Johnson said. “If [Idzik] believes an extension would be acceptable to the team and make the team better, then we would do it.”

And what about the drama with Revis? 

“I think I’m going to let that play out,”  said new owner John Idzik when asked if Revis would still be a member of the team this season. “It’s a little premature. We haven’t even finished the first phase of free agency, much less get players in the building and get them working out and eventually on the field.”

Well, we will see how this plays out. In the meantime, the Jets have alot of work to do in rebuilding their team from that disastrous last season. 

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~Angela Davis

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