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(VIDEO) Rapper Eminem’s epic freestyle unleashes ‘The Storm’ on Donald Trump

by Angela Davis|@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam, if you thought sports wasn't going to get more political, you thought wrong. Colin Kaepernick's protest during the national anthem against police brutality and injustice has the man currently hold the office of President of the United States in a tizzy, and the NFL players are caught in the middle. Needless to say, people are choosing sides, and for rapper Eminem, the right side is with Kaepernick. In what will surely be considered an epic rap freestyle, he unleashes on #45 leaving no stone unturned in this cypher called, The Storm: And yes, of course, #45 respond in his usual way: an ego-driven tweet touting how much more popular he is than Eminem. I guess Eminem will be uninvited to the White House.

NFLPA issues statement supporting players’ First Amendment Rights: “We….cannot allow our rights to become subservient to the very opinions our Constitution protects”

by Angela Davis |@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has spoken. He made it VERY clear that any player who takes a knee during the national anthem will not play with the team. While the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league will not penalize players for taking a peaceful stance, Jones is instituting a mandate, further igniting discussions about this protest and the ideas of patriotism and nationalism. Let's be clear, this protest is about police brutality, injustice and racism--the things Jones is NOT talking about. Now the NFLPA has responded, basically backing players' rights which don't end when they join a team.
NFL players are union members and part of the labor movement that has woven the fabric of America for generations. Our men and their families are also conscientious Americans who continue to be forces for good through our communities and some have decided to use their platform to peacefully raise awareness to issues that deserve attention. It is a source of enormous pride that some of the best conversations about these issues have taken place in our locker rooms in a respectful, civil and thoughtful way that should serve as a model for how all of us can communicate with each other.  

We should not stifle these discussions and cannot allow our rights to become subservient to the very opinions our Constitution protects. That is what makes us the land of the free and home of the brave.  

So, what would Jerry do if half or the majority of his team decided to kneel during the anthem? Would he pull them off the team? Would he forfeit the game and not allow them to play? The fact that he would even make such  a statement is the very reason players are taking a knee in the first place. Yes, as an employer he has a right to issue a mandate, but if it turns out that his players decide to get 'woke', the joke will be on him. Perhaps he knows that they won't protest during the anthem. Perhaps he already knows that they value their paycheck over their rights. What do you think?

NFL Sunday Recap: Packers, Powder and Pence

by Angela Davis |@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport Sports fam, NFL Sunday was off the charts with scandal, publicity stunts and an off-the-charts battle that we'll likely still be talking about the rest of the week. Cowboys vs. Packers If you watched this game you are probably STILL bewildered and shocked by the last 30 seconds of the game. Aaron Rodgers showed why he's still one of the best quarterbacks in the league and when youth meets experience, experience walks away with the 'W'. The Dallas Cowboys and their fans could't wait for this game, an NFC rematch to redeem themselves from their heartbreaking loss last year. They didn't get the redemption they were seeking, and perhaps walked away more defeated. Rodgers' clutch performance was breathtaking and all is quiet in Cowboy nation. Except when it comes to 'taking a knee' during the national anthem. Powder Soooooo what's this white powder Miami Dolphins assistant offensive line coach was snorting? Well, inquiring minds want to know! A video was leaked showing  Chris Foerster snorting an unknown white powder via a twenty-dollar bill. Well, Foerester has now resigned and the woman has come out to talk about why she leaked the video! SCANDAL! Pence In yet another episode of The Dumb and Dumber: Whitehouse Edition, Vice President Mike Pence attended an Indianapolis Colts game, then left early because he said he was offended that NFL players, who had been protesting all season, took a knee.
I left today's Colts game because @POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem," Pence wrote on Twitter.
The truth is that this was a publicity stunt and Pence was going to leave early anyways. Of course he was backed by #45, and people on Twitter called out this PR stunt gone wrong. I think Pence wanted to make a statement--the same type of political statement that players are making. The only difference is that this move only ignited the issue, and again further proves how disconnected this administration is from the social issues in this country. We hardly ever hear from Pence, and when we do, it's about protesting an issue on grounds that don't exist. Players aren't taking a knee to protest veterans or the flag.  They are protesting injustice and racial inequality--and let's not forget police brutality. Forcing players to stand for the anthem violates their First Amendment rights. Besides, forced patriotism is really nationalism. And that's not making America great again. I'm not sure what will happen in the NFL week-to-week. What I do know is that this country is now even more divided, not because of kneeling players or the obviously piss-poor leadership in the White House. We are divided because race is an issue that we still won't address head on, and you can't fix what you won't face.

Fans should forgive Cam Newton for his comments like they forgive reporter for her racist comments

by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis When Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton takes the podium in a post game press conference, usually the headlines surround what he wore, but this time, it's all about what he said. His response to Charlotte Observer beat reporter Jourdan Rodrigue in regards to 'routes' made him chuckle and he replied,
It's funny to hear a female talk about routes like ... it's funny."
Well, that comment had Rodrigue confront Newton after the press conference. She said he didn't apologize, and then the firestorm came immediately after. Cam Newton lost some sponsorships, probably some fans, and then he issued an apology. Women everywhere were outrage, siding with the reporter for what many felt was Newton's obvious sexist remark. His comment was stupid, even if he only mean it in gest, but I don't think he meant any harm. Then, we found out the reporter ALSO made some stupid comments. Actually, she made some racists comments on Twitter and they were brought to light shortly after she came into the spotlight.

Then she had to issue an apology.
from espn.com In the tweets, she made light of others' racist remarks and retweeted a racial epithet. "The Twitter posts are regrettable and we wish they hadn't happened," Observer editor Sherry Chisenhall said. "We don't condone the posts or the messages they convey. We believe Jourdan is deeply sincere in her apology and regret about those tweets."
So while people are still angry and talking about Newton's comments, we need to also be talking about this reporter. She was offended by Newton's comments but sorry-not sorry about the blatant racist remarks she made some years ago? What role does that mindset now play in how she reports the news? You can't be both a feminist and racist. Pick one. While Newton clearly made a verbal fumble, I don't think it was misogynistic or intended to be harmful. Meanwhile, Rodrigue's comments were deliberate and without care. I do think his comments represent a very present mindset in what will likely always be a male-dominated space. So, yes, while we understand women have advanced in all areas, we have to be honest. Men are probably no more surprised that we can talk about routes than we are that they can talk about their emotional selves. The truth is when this happens we probably all take a minute to let it sink in. Cam just chuckled at the reality in front of him. It was funny, maybe, because it was true. What do you think?

(VIDEO) Redskins’ Terrelle Pryor apologized for making an obscene gesture to fans, but he was tired of being called a n*gger

by Angela Davis|@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport Sports fam if you're wondering why some NFL players are still kneeling you won't need to look for racism, though it's blatant, or for injustice. You only need to look at the closest NFL fan. Some of these die-hard 'patriots' called Redskins wide-receiver a n*gger. In fact, it was said so much during the Monday night game that he responded with 'f- - - you' and then flipped the fan the bird. Pryor later apologized to his teammates, but explained his zero tolerance for racism.
I do apologize to my teammates and the organization," Pryor wrote. "But at some point you keep calling us The N word ... we going to start acting up. #straightlikethat
Yep. Straight like that. The Kansas City Chiefs said that they will ban the fan who used the slur, if he's identified, and the NFL made it clear that they have no tolerance for racism.
from NFL spokesman, Joe Lockhart: We have no tolerance for racial comments directed to anyone," Lockhart said. "Those fans are not welcome to come back this week, next week, or any time." The NFL is reviewing all aspects of the incident, "and we will report back when we have concluded that review," Lockhart said.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kaepernick remains unsigned to a team. What do you think?  

Dannon Supposedly Drops Cam Newton After Sexist Comments in Press Conference

by Marcelle English | Jersey Girl Sports | @JerseyGirlSport In some shape, form, or fashion the NFL and its players continue to grab headlines for stuff that they do. First with racism and patriotism, not with sexist comments in a public forum. Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton opened his mouth and inserted foot when responding to a female journalist during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Charlotte Observer reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue asked a legitimate question for a football press conference regarding Newton and the progress that he has seen in the routes ran by his wide-receiver. Newton then commented that it was "funny" to hear women talk about routes. Newton probably never realized that his comments were going to get such backlash, but now his words are hitting him in the pocket. Dannon made the following statement... Dannon made the following statement...
“We are shocked and disheartened at the behavior and comments of Cam Newton towards Jourdan Rodrigue, which we perceive as sexist and disparaging to all women,” Dannon said in a statement. “It is entirely inconsistent with our commitment to fostering equality and inclusion in every workplace. It's simply not ok to belittle anyone based on gender. We have shared our concerns with Cam and will no longer work with him.”
However, NFL Network's Ian Rapport spoke with Newton's marketing agent, Carlos Fleming, who has a different story saying that “Dannon has not terminated the agreement, nor do they have grounds to”. WHAT?!?!?! So Dannon says he's done, but the agent says 'he's still in'. It's going to be interesting to see how this story continues to unfold.  

UNLV assistant hockey coach injured in Vegas shooting but expected to make a full recovery

by Angela Davis|@ladydavis|@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam we are all saddened at the devastation from the terrorist attack on attendees at a music concert in Las Vegas. Among the over 500 injured was UNLV assistant hockey coach Nick Robone. He sustained injuries after he was shot in the chest.
UNLV assistant coach Nick Robone is out of surgery to remove a bullet wound form a gunshot wound to the chest, resulting from the tragic events yesterday evening at the Route 91 Harvest Festival," the statement read. "The bullet missed his lung, though it is bruised badly. He's in the ICU and will remain in the hospital for the near future. He is expected to make a full recovery. We would like to thank everyone for their outpouring of support. Please keep all of Las Vegas in your prayers at this time.
We are so glad he is expected to make a full recovery, and we will keep our prayers lifted for those suffering loss and sustained injuries. Peace has to be more than just a thought. It has to become action.

Louisville board starts process to terminate coach Rick Pitino to avoid paying $44M buyout

by Angela Davis |@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport I'm not surprised by this news, but Louisville coach Rick Pitino is on his way out. The board voted to start the process to terminate him 'for cause' which includes not having to pay him his $42M.
from nbcsports.com The board requested of me and authorized me to initiate the process to terminate for cause, as defined in Coach Pitino’s employment contract,” Louisville’s interim President Greg Postel said after the meeting. Following an FBI crackdown into college basketball corruption last week, Pitino was placed on unpaid administrative leave after he was allegedly tied to a plan to bring McDonald’s All-American Brian Bowen to Louisville using $100,000 with cash coming from adidas executive Jim Gatto. While Pitino is not directly named in the FBI’s release, he is reportedly “Coach-2” in the FBI complaint. “Coach-2” is mentioned nine times in the report, including three phone calls with an adidas executive in the days leading up to Bowen’s commitment. Pitino told the Louisville Courier-Journal on Monday that he had “[zero] to do with it and I’ll be vindicated.”
I'm not surprised by this move. When the details of the investigation broke, I knew Pitino was going to be on the chopping block. Rumors of impropriety, scandal, bribes and NCAA violations have plagued this program for the past few years. Pitino maintains his innocence and served the university with a breach of contract notice. Well, this will be a battle roy-al! I'm not sure if Pitino has any future at Louisville, but not matter where he goes, he's not planning on leaving without his money. What do you think?

Best Memes of NFL – Week 3

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis With all that's going on in the world, we need to take a break--and laugh a little. So, without further adieu, we give you the best sports memes from the NFL, week 3! (We threw in some NBA goodies too!)
Bears performed better
fans boycotting the NFL be like
JJ Watt driving home
Giants 0-3
Cowboys won
Best NFL team in Texas is...
Saints are trash
Giants 0-3
Warriors be like
NFL players looking at NBA players
typical Raiders fan morning
Laugh a little. Wait, laugh a lot. We all need it...more and more. Peace and love sports fam!