As a  jersey girls, you know that in sports it’s not just about the game. It’s about the fan interaction, the excitement and the overall experience—an experience that begins before you leave your house. In essence, sports encompasses a lifestyle, and as a fabulous jersey girls we want to make sure you are equipped with your sporting essentials, so we’ve put together the top 5 must-haves for any sporting game:

1. Lip gloss: Imagine yourself on a date at a baseball game with a very attractive guy. The slow nature of the game allows for good conversation, and you’re really starting to like him. There are a lot of things that he’ll be looking at, and your lips will be one of them! Yes, he’s sizing you up for that end-of-the-date kiss so why not tease him with a fabulous lip gloss? You can go bold with a deep, rich color. Or do something a little more seductive in a natural color with a little sparkle. Either way, lip gloss is a definite must-have.

 2.  Light airy fragrance:  A nice perfume or cologne is essential.  You not only want to look good, but you want to smell good, too. Entice all the senses. Just don’t be surprised if a cute guy follows you to the concession stand! (Jo Malone is one of my favorites!)

 3.  Hair clip: You never know what the day will bring and jersey girls are always prepared. Putting your hair up in a cute pony tail for a windy baseball game or being able to adjust it during your golf game shows how versatile you are. Plus, if you’re going to enjoy a fabulous night out on the town after a game, changing your look is essential to changing your mood.

 4.  Sunglasses: 80 degrees, cumulous clouds, sunny afternoon…O.K. I borrowed that from Jill Scott, but it fits with this game essential. A nice pair of sunglasses caps off the look for any game where the weather is just perfect. The sun is shining, you might as well shine with it!

 5.  Smartphone—If you’re having a great game experience you must share it with the world. Having the right smart phone is a must-have because you must have an outlet to share sports goodness with the world. It’s a jersey girl’s duty!

These five must-haves will get you ready for any sporting event, any date or any day out with your JGF’s. Whatever sport your day calls for, you can be sure these top five will give you the added advantage because you’re not just a girl—you’re a Jersey Girl!

Your JGF,