JGF (Jersey Girlfriend)


"Hi! I'm Jada, your JGF!"

Weekly Top 5!

Sport New Year Resolutions:

Learn to play/lplay more golf
Be more active
Go to major sports event
See favorite player live
Learn a new sport

Play of The Week

Term of The Week

"Ace" (Tennis)

~  A serve that the returner doesn't even touch with her racquet. An ace wins the point immediately for the server.



JGF of the Week


  Ronda Rousey

She's got fists of steel and she's pounded her way to the top in the women's UFC. Champion Ronda Rousey has come a long way to get where she is and her next stop has her at ESPN's Sports Center where she'll be the first female athlete to co-anchor the show! Fighter. Actor. Sports analyst. Awesome! 

Designated Drink of the Week

Crown Apple Pie a la Mode

Crown Apple Pie a la Mode
Crown Apple Pie a la Mode
Yes we LOVE our Crown Apple and with so many ways to enjoy this VERY good Crown Royal creation, we wanted to offer a sweeter side--the Apple Pie a la Mode! 

1 1/4oz Crown Royal Regal Apple

1oz Rumchata Combine in shaker with ice,

shake, strain into caramel drizzled martini glass.