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Jim Kelly will spend Easter holiday with his family at home!

Jim Kelly will spend Easter holiday with his family at home!

(Associated Press)  

Jim Kelley, the beloved Hall-of-Fame quarterback will spend this Easter holiday weekend with his family in suburban Buffalo, NY. Unless there are any major setbacks, he leaves tomorrow from Lenox Hospital in NY, NY where he’s been undergoing treatments for sinus cancer.

Obviously, his family is ecstatic:

“He’s doing pretty good,” Dan Kelly told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “We anticipate Jim coming home for this weekend. He’s put together a couple of good days in a row.”

Dan Kelly said his brother had a rough stretch last week following his first chemotherapy session on April 8. He said the treatments are particularly painful because they’re targeting cancer cells attached to nerves in Kelly’s maxillary sinus and adjacent tissues.

Kelly is scheduled to have two more chemotherapy sessions and is also having radiation treatment five days a week.

He has spent the past three weeks being treated at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Kelly initially underwent surgery in Buffalo last June to remove cancerous cells from his upper jaw. A follow-up test in March revealed that the cancer had returned.

I’m soooo glad for Jim Kelly. I’ve seen friends go through cancer treatments. It’s nice to know he’s feeling well enough to spend time at home with his family. 

When you’re going through something like this, family is what matters most.

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